Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some management

Maybe an unexpected non-technical post. But my primary role is a manager, though I'm not dropping programming and do some tools or investigations from time to time.

Have no idea if it's my invention or usual practice. At least I haven't read any "clever" books (I'm sceptical about most of them, but that's another topic).

Let's see:
  - One day a person saw our ads and came to us.
  - Now (s)he has own opinion about the Sitecore.

It makes great sense to ask people say what attracted them in Sitecore ads and what they wouldn't like to see there. Indirect feedback except for just improving the ads, isn't it?

Proper feedback is a key for everything.

That's what I have just asked our senior developers to do.

You are welcome to express your opinion about the idea.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Web Content Management: get data easy!

Web Content Management: one of the difficulties I saw customers faced with were moving data from their existing sites, based on "old" engines or even static, to desired Web Content Management systems, like Sitecore CMS. Often they dropped an idea of upgrading just because didn't want or couldn't put efforts to just moving the existing content.

I've just seen the demo by Stephen Moore from Kapow - "Migrating Web content into Sitecore: 8 Minute Demo". Now moving data to Sitecore becomes easier. Interesting things that data can be taken even from front-end of the existing site. It worth seeing!