Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prestigious award for Sitecore Ukraine

The most popular IT development community portal in Ukraine, http://developers.org.ua, has presented Sitecore Ukraine with the Best IT Company Award in the “Mid-sized” category.

 For the first time in history, all IT people in all IT companies across the Ukraine have been asked to rate their employers, according to their job satisfaction and general view of their employer, and we’re so proud that we came out on top!

The selection for the inaugural award was based on anonymous questionnaires, which makes the win even more impressive.

There were 3 categories: - Small Companies (<50 engineers), Mid-sized Companies (50-200 engineers – including Sitecore) and Large Companies (>200 engineers). There were 8 companies nominated in “the Sitecore group”, and 3 of them were from Dnipropetrovsk

The winner IS Sitecore Ukraine!

(sorry, in Russian only so far)

Sitecore Ukraine is very proud of this recognition from our own employees. Following common Sitecore Corporation spirit and values we continuously try to build the best possible team. Each Sitecore employee should derive pleasure from working on an excellent team. Naturally, there’s always room for improvement, and we have _people_ who can do just that.

Big "thanks" goes to everyone in our team!

Everything is in our hands – everyone is important!