Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sitecore shell in Russian

Finally! I have translated Sitecore shell into Russian.

On the way I looked at the Office translation, SVN translation and many other books and sites. Main problem was whether some names should be translated at all, e.g. we don't use translation of Layout - we juts pronounce Layout. And the same thing with many other names. I guess that's because Russian is different from European languages.

Anyway, the first version is ready. I'm going to send it to Sitecore Ukraine firstly to get feedback. After that I'll publish it on SDN into Localization section which is being prepared.


Alex Shyba said...


Dmitry Vasilinenko said...

Well... it seems always hard to do pilot projects. Russian appeared the first one, even before Danish, but on these two translations I discovered how the V6 translation should be done. There were a few issues and tricks on the way; and that's why it look much longer than I expected. I invloved our documentation team guys, Alexey did quick investigations and fixes, and now we are approaching the finish. By end of the week translation must be completed.
I should say I got much experience during last 2 weeks, which were devoted mostly to translation (except for non-technical duties).

Dmitry Vasilinenko said...

It's done! See the page http://sdn5.sitecore.net/resources/sitecore%206/client_translations.aspx

Feel free to contact me should you notice any issue or in case you want to participate in translation to any other language.

anatolymay said...

Daite pozh-sta link chtobi skachat' Sitecore na Russkom

Dmitry Vasilinenko said...

Hello, Anatoly.

Thank yuo for your interest. The link is http://sdn.sitecore.net/resources/sitecore%206/client_translations.aspx